Thursday, July 17, 2008

things that suck your blood

I love my dog. She is truly amazing. Very smart and loving. I could go on, but I would probably lose everyone before I felt I had done her justice. So, the point. This morning, while waking up to greet a day full of Torts studying, I roll over to give my pup a good scratch behind the ears and find--dear god!--a tick in her ear.

I don't "do" ticks. I mean, other things that like my blood are mostly okay: mosquitoes are mainly just annoying, leeches are creepy but easily avoidable, vampires seem kinda kinky to me (could be fun), but ticks . . . they are another story altogether. Those creepy legs always moving and tucking themselves close to the body. The awful straw mouth that's almost impossible to get completely out, necessitating a trip to the doctor or vet. Their general invicibilty to any harm I try to inflict upon them. The tiny, beady head that can detach from its body. [Shudder] It is not okay. I mean, once I got the tick off, I immersed it in water. For a long time! Yet, when I went back to check for identification purposes, I pulled it out of the water, and it slowly came back to life. It had been under water for more than 5 minutes!!! Where's death when you actually need it?

Then it got worse because I had to check myself. I have no idea what I would have done if I had found a tick on me. I probably would've passed out. Seriously.

That's it. I may be giving up the outdoors for forever now.

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Anonymous said...

Try putting vaseline on the tick's back, using a cotton swab. That should do the trick to kill it.