Monday, June 16, 2008

Asphalt 1, Me 0

Although I suppose when it comes to my skin and a paved road, I will always lose. Anyway, I recently implemented a new exercise routine for my dog. She has so much energy, and I was already taking her on 2 walks a day. More time for exercise was not in the cards, so I thought of ways I could make the time more effective. I chose to ride my bike with the dog, so she could jog next to me. Works like a charm. She stay more focused on me and the walk (perhaps because she is worried she may get run over by a tire), and she is actually tired when we get home. Hurray!! The one problem is that she occassionally will do a dead stop to poop in the middle of the road. Last night, this act sent me flying off my bike as I imagine it would be like to be in a car accident without wearing a seat belt. I haven't had a scraped knee from riding my bike since I was about 12. Well, she and I are working on this process. It seems to be working and making her happier, so I will keep it up. A tired pit bull is a good (and happy) pit bull.