Friday, July 25, 2008

mad woman

I have been recently watching the t.v. show "Mad Men" in the background of taking practice MBE questions. I know that everyone is supposed to love this show, but it was really nothing special until I got to episode 9 this afternoon. The ending with Mrs. Draper in her backyard shooting at pigeons with a cigarette hanging out of her perfectly lipsticked mouth was enough to make me want to finish the season.

Well done, Mrs. Draper. Well done.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

things that suck your blood

I love my dog. She is truly amazing. Very smart and loving. I could go on, but I would probably lose everyone before I felt I had done her justice. So, the point. This morning, while waking up to greet a day full of Torts studying, I roll over to give my pup a good scratch behind the ears and find--dear god!--a tick in her ear.

I don't "do" ticks. I mean, other things that like my blood are mostly okay: mosquitoes are mainly just annoying, leeches are creepy but easily avoidable, vampires seem kinda kinky to me (could be fun), but ticks . . . they are another story altogether. Those creepy legs always moving and tucking themselves close to the body. The awful straw mouth that's almost impossible to get completely out, necessitating a trip to the doctor or vet. Their general invicibilty to any harm I try to inflict upon them. The tiny, beady head that can detach from its body. [Shudder] It is not okay. I mean, once I got the tick off, I immersed it in water. For a long time! Yet, when I went back to check for identification purposes, I pulled it out of the water, and it slowly came back to life. It had been under water for more than 5 minutes!!! Where's death when you actually need it?

Then it got worse because I had to check myself. I have no idea what I would have done if I had found a tick on me. I probably would've passed out. Seriously.

That's it. I may be giving up the outdoors for forever now.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a little uncertainty goes a long way

A little certainty, however, goes go a long way as well. Thirteen days and counting down until the bar exam. For most of the beginning of the summer, I was less than optimally diligent about studying. It felt like I had forever. With no urgency, I slipped into a peaceful nonchalance about the whole thing. Bar exam? Sure. It's coming. But like the grasshopper I spent many of my hours doing other things. Now, as opposed to the grasshopper that never "woke up," I have been jolted into the harsh realization that I may not have spent my time so wisely in June. No use crying over split milk though, right? Well, I was crying. (Figuratively, of course. The real tears won't come unless I don't pass the bar.) This was courtsey of the 30% score I received on a practice test about Evidence. I'm going to be a public defender, for crying out loud; this stuff is incredibly important to my career. Not to mention that I just finished taking Evidence in my last semester. I should know the issues and rules.

It was then my bar review course to the rescue. I specifically would not sign up for BarBri. They wanted how much? Yeah, that's right. Over $3k. For some stupid taped lectures. Most of which are a couple years old. If I were doing a more profitable state--say like NY--BarBri might have better materials. In my small state, however, this would not be the case. So, I shopped around, eventually settling on The Study Group. I have found this program to be much better than the BarBri materials I have come in contact with. My lectures are twice as long for about every subject, and I have more multiple choice and essay questions and published past bar exams than I've seen anyone else with. So, overall it was a good decision. The $1600 price tag is still steep, but a penny saved in a penny earned. (Yes, Study Group. You may send my advertising fee whenever you wish.)

Anyway, another "perk" to this program is the weekly informational and inspirational emails I get. Sometimes, they even include jokes. (You know. The one about the lawyer who dies at age 36. When he gets to the pearly gates, he asks St. Peter why he was taken so young. To which St. Peter replies, "But according to your billables, you should be well over 72 by now.") Today's email was key is helping me get past some of the anxiety that has been creeping in since Monday. Apparently, they have had people start the program with 2 weeks remaining and still pass the bar.

Now, I know not everyone can do that. But all I needed was the inkling of a hope. I haven't gone back to my grasshopper ways, but I definitely have stopped beating myself up. What good would that do?