Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sooo . . . I passed the bar!! Despite my previous post, I suppose this is what makes me a real lawyer. (Although, I may say this again after I get sworn in.) With this behind me, I have a confession to make. I was shitting bricks because I was so scared I wasn't going to pass. I know; I know. EVERYONE shits bricks. EVERYONE is scared they won't pass. Unlike me, however, most people probably studied con law, corps, agency/partnership, family law, and conflicts of laws. I hate that I put myself through such stress because I didn't study. I am an idiot!! But, at least it's over, and I got my happy ending.

Had my first in-office client interview today--juvenile case involving spray paint. Client completely took responsibility for his actions. Then I spoke with the prosecutor--my first time discussing a deal with a prosecutor--who decided my solution, which included dropping the charges, worked for him. Not a bad way to start things. Totally a dream world, but I'm okay with that.