Thursday, March 25, 2010

a public defender's best friend

One of my least favorite things is that I can't bring my coffee into court in the morning. So, in the past, I would prepare a steaming cup of delicious goodness and only get to drink a little of it on my drive to court each morning. I would go inside, leaving my brew in the car. Then, after handling however many cases I had, I would walk back to my car looking for a little jolt, a little friendliness . . . only to find what was once awesome and spirit-lifting to be cold and unappealing. An almost full cup of coffee wasted each morning.

Along comes my new favorite mug--the Thermos Element 5. It can keep coffee (or whatever) hot for up to 8 hours. Who knew that vacuum-sealing could be so important. Now, no matter how bad things have gone in court that day, I can walk back to my car and look forward to the coffee that is just waiting to console me as I drive back to my office.

It is a beautiful thing. A small, somewhat insignificant thing perhaps. But I would venture a guess that it made my life about 5% happier, which is nothing to sneeze at.

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