Sunday, March 21, 2010

side effects of being clean

As many of my colleagues do, I keep hand sanitizer in my car and use it after leaving the jail or prison. I don't have a huge car or much storage in my vehicle, so I only have a small container.

And I don't just have the Purell variety. I like the girly smelling ones from places like Bath & Body Works. I currently have a vanilla-scented one purchased during the Christmas season. It makes me happy.

My fiance, of course, doesn't go into the jails and prisons with me, but every time we ride in my vehicle, he has to use the hand sanitizer. Recently, right before walking into a Costco, he applied some to his hands--the smelly vanilla kind. We then walked into the store and began browsing when he turned to me and whispered,

"Wow. Some people really like to spray themselves down with perfume."

Not having smelled heavy fragrance, I cocked my head and looked at him confused (you know, like you're dog does when you try to explain discovery rules to her). Then it dawned on me, and I smiled as I said,

"Really? Why don't you smell you hands and then say that again?"

Upon smelling his hands, he realized that he was the offender, not the sweet older woman who walked by. That'll teach him to use up all my hand sanitizer. :)

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